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Diabetic Retinopathy Begins Prior To Any Outward Signs Of Disease Being Noticed.  The Damaged Vessels Can Have Bulges In Their Walls Aneurysms, They Can Leak Blood Into The Surrounding Jellylike Material Vitreous That Fills The Inside Of The Eyeball, They Can Become Completely Closed, Or New Vessels Can Begin To Grow Where There Would Not Normally Be Any: Although These New Blood Vessels Are Growing In The Eye, They Cannot Nourish The Retina And They Bleed Easily, Releasing Blood Into The Inner Region Of The Eyeball, Which Can Cause Dark Spots And Cloudy Vision.

These.pots.ometimes clear on their own. An ophthalmologist should examine high-risk infants before they are discharged from the hospital. This process is called photo coagulation. Both are biodegradable and release a sustained dose of corticosteroids to suppress DBE. Hypertensive retinopathy — A physician examines the eye with an ophthalmoscope. Patients may then be referred for other tests to confirm the underlying cause of the retinopathy .  Prevention of diabetic retinopathy is the most important step to take for anyone with diabetes. This kind of retinopathy is called diabetic retinopathy retinal disease caused by diabetes .

An eye examination for many people with retinopathy includes testing visual acuity or sharpness of vision, checking the sharpness of peripheral vision, and testing the pressure inside the eye. Diabetic Retinopathy begins prior to any outward signs of disease being noticed.  The damaged vessels can have bulges in their walls aneurysms, they can leak blood into the surrounding jellylike material vitreous that fills the inside of the eyeball, they can become completely closed, or new vessels can begin to grow where there would not normally be any: although these new blood vessels are growing in the eye, they cannot nourish the retina and they bleed easily, releasing blood into the inner region of the eyeball, which can cause dark spots and cloudy vision.